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As trustworthy as Swiss banks and just as beautiful as snowy Alps the chronometer has become an embodiment of preciseness, luxury and refined taste long since the first masterpiece was produced. Today, Buy a Rolex Watch means possessing a real objet d'art, and this is what Averstime luxury store-pawnshop offers you. We offer our customers the most favorable prices, a comprehensive selection of used Rolex watches for sale, the best purchase terms, convenient payment forms and both fast and safe delivery.
Averstime provides customers a large collection of original Rolex watches for men and women. Although products of this excellence do not need a guarantee, we still provide it, stressing the high quality of the chronometers. When you Buy a Rolex watch from us, you can be sure that your wrist will be decorated with original Rolex watch for sale by a world-class manufacturer.
A high-quality watch parts and perfect thoughtfulness of the design are a defining trait of the Swiss brand, recognized as a leader in the high-precise clockwork industry. The watch has demonstrated its reliability many times. History knows many cases proving Rolex being capable of handling heavy loads. For instance, mechanisms can stay underwater for a long time and endure mechanical affects.
The eponymous Swiss company has produced almost two hundred variations of Rolex watches for men and women over the years of its existence. Meanwhile, the distinctive external features that unite all the products of this brand are finally formed. These are the rounded watch case shapes with polished edges and smooth contours. They can be distinguished from a dozen of other chronometers thanks to their unique design.
Articles about Rolex watches
Rolex watches is power in motion
Rolex watch has been decorating wrists of the good and the great for a century already. And the clockwork of those is the most complete epitome of the watch owners. This watch is made for confident and resourceful people who are not afraid of difficulties. They are ready to overcome any obstacles that stand in their way.
Rolex: speed is in our blood
"Fight and conquer" is a principle which has been embraced by Rolex throughout its history. Rolex watches, along with their owners have ascended Mount Everest, descended into the Mariana Trench, swam across the English Channel and won the Formula One Grands Prix.

In 1963, based on this very idea, the Rolex Daytona was released especially for racers. The name for this designer watch collection was not chosen by chance. Daytona, the name of one of the most famous auto racing tracks in the world, was given to these beautiful chronographs because the manufacturer focused on the United States, its main market. Pilots of all countries on both sides of the ocean immediately fell in love with this chronograph, and not only for aesthetic reasons they did. Rolex Daytona watches have one very interesting function that has never been used in any other clockwork designs in the whole world. It was called a tachymetric scale. The idea was that a rider could measure his average speed on a specific section of the track using a Rolex Daytona. The victorious march of the Swiss company in the world of the fastest cars on the planet began with this watch model. Of course it did.

Since 1991, Rolex has been the title sponsor of the annual Rolex 24 at Daytona. By the way, all the winners of this prestigious Grand Prix receive a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph watch as a gift. Today, the most valuable are the models produced no later than the 1980s. They have a 4-digit serial number and were produced in extremely small quantities. The modern Rolex Daytona has been in production since the early 1990s, but it is still a rare model revered by collectors and racing aficionados.
Rolex: "Catch me if you can"
One of Rolex's most prestigious sports cars is the Daytona Diamond Chronometer Chronograph. This model is a mechanical self-winding watch with a watch-case made of 18k white gold. The dial and enamel numerals are set with precious stones, emphasizing chronometer's elegance and uniqueness. The clockwork consists of 290 parts that work perfectly throughout the entire operation life. Of course, the watch is waterproof, it can be immersed to a 100 meters depth. In many cases, you will still have to wait even a preordered watch for a couple of years.

The Rolex Cosmopraph Daytona watch is another highlight in the Daytona collection. This model retains a classic design: white gold watch-case, sapphire crystal glass and crocodile leather strap. Of course, the watch has a tachymetric scale and self-winding function.

The Rolex Daytona is not just a toy for racing aficionados, it is a watch made for the winners. They are created to emphasize the style of their owner, moreover, they are meant to emphasize it subtly, almost imperceptibly. The owner wearing this masterpiece on his wrist associates himself with people who are not afraid to overcome obstacles and ultimately conquer them. Rolex Daytona watches are made for winners, because the fate of the owner is victory.