The Roger Dubuis brand was founded in 1995. It was founded by Roger Dubuis, who at the end of the 50s of the last century graduated from the watchmaking school at the Geneva Academy and immediately after that began fruitful work.
For twenty years, Roger worked in various watchmaking workshops, where he acquired skills and experience in creating complex mechanisms.
After the experience was gained, Dubois decided to open his own workshop, where he repaired and restored chronometers.
In addition, he was engaged in the execution of orders for the creation of structures and development. The glory of a skilled craftsman stuck to him over time and many designers began to turn to Roger for help. It is possible that this would have been the case to this day, but Dubois met Carlos Diaz, a talented master who was in the narrow circles of many collectors. Together, two geniuses decided to create a company and new watch models were released: Roger dubuis Excalibur, Hommage and Sympathie.

The first Roger Dubuis watches came out in twenty-eight copies, in which only in-house calibers were used, and each model was branded by Geneva masters, symbolizing
the highest quality. The first collections were presented in 1996. The watch had a round shape and a classic design. In the second collection, chronometers were distinguished by their square shape and curves on four sides. Models were made of white and rose gold, as well as platinum.
The Much More collection of highly complex mechanisms was released in 1997. At the same time, the company opened its first branch in Asia, and a few years later boutiques were opened in many Asian cities. Production capabilities have also expanded and today Roger dubuis is a watch with elegant design, technological capabilities and world fame..