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The first step to real success was taken by Omega in 1894. The masters of the company have created a Swiss watch with a mechanism that is outstanding in its characteristics. The name for it was coined appropriately - Omega - after the last letter of the Greek alphabet. This name symbolized impeccability and completeness - and these characteristics were not far from the truth. Thanks to this remarkable mechanism, Louis Brandt & Fills was able to significantly increase its sales and become one of the leaders in the Swiss watch business.
Five years later, the owners of the company decided to rename their brainchild - of course, they did not find a better name than Omega - even then it was a recognizable brand.
In 1900, Omega began mass production of Swiss watches. Soon the company begins to take part in various sports competitions as an official timekeeper. The first such sporting event was the 1909 Gordon Bennett Cup.