Cartier Company set out on its triumphant journey to conquer the clockwork world in 1847. The company was founded in France, in Paris, its most beautiful city. The company founder was Louis-Francois Cartier, a talented jeweler and goldsmith who set up a basic shop and started producing a lovely jewelry of various kinds.
Cartier bought a workshop on rue Montorgueil from Adolphe Picard to start his own business. The young man has achieved unprecedented success in twenty years. His products conquered the high society as well as all connoisseurs of truly fine jewelry. Adolphe, the son of Louis-François, took over the reins of the company in 1874. Since that time, elegant accessories and jewelry have become a wonderful piece of outfit for high society ladies and gentlemen.
The Cartier company, whose watches are always popular among buyers, produced their first chronometers only in 1853. After twenty years of sales popularity, the company's logo could be seen almost everywhere, including pocket watches made of Egyptian gold inlaid with diamonds and rubies.